Kiss and Go

Kiss and Go

If you are after simplicity and affordability, a Kiss and Go wedding could be perfect for you.

Once the Notice of Intended Marriage is completed and lodged, we wait the mandated 30 days until you can be legally married.

On your wedding day we meet at an agreed venue/your home, with your two witnesses (must be over 18 years old) and with simple ease, we complete some formalities and sign the Marriage Register, the Official Certificate of Marriage.

Once the above documents have been signed and witnessed you are married.

It is that quick and easy!

Kiss and Go features includes:

  • all legal documents prepared prior to the ceremony and submitted accordingly;
  • a ceremony inclusive of the legal components;
  • access to a portfolio of ideas and services to help you choose your vows, and
  • a keepsake Official Marriage Certificate

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I am Based In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hours: Seven Days by appointment

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