How It Works

How it Works

First contact

When we first talk or email it’s an opportunity to share your wedding plans. You will be able to organise the wedding’s date and time and venue details.

I can share the services I offer and the fees involved. I’m also able to personally meet, at a convenient location, and talk in more depth about your special day.

First meeting 

At our first meeting, we’ll get to know each other. This is important, as your celebrant, I can understand you both as a couple as well as your plans for your wedding day. I can also share some of my thoughts and ideas and provide you both with information on the legal aspects of getting married. I’m sure you will have plenty of questions and I am pleased to be able to answer them all.

Let’s do it

If you decide that we are the “perfect partnership”, we can sign a booking agreement outlining services, fees and all other necessary information.

From this point, I will send you a portfolio of information that you can look through at your leisure. It is full of ideas and helpful information that might help you in making various decisions for your wedding day.

Second meeting 

At your convenience, we’ll meet again where you both will be able to share stories about yourselves and as a couple. Together we can map out a plan of the ceremony elements. With this information, I then write a draft ceremony ready for you to review.

This is also when we begin the legal process (this can be done earlier if you required). My expertise makes sure all of the legal documentation is completed and lodged with the relevant authorities.

Creating the perfect ceremony

You both will have the opportunity to edit the ceremony plan and provide feedback and preferred changes. I then make the changes and forward them to you for your next review. We can keep editing until the special day is “just perfect”.


My services include a rehearsal where we can meet at the venue or a convenient location a few weeks before your big day. At this point, we can finalise the small details and make sure that everything is in place and ready for the upcoming occasion.

On your wedding day

I’ll be there at an agreed time to start preparing for your ceremony and make sure that everything is in place so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding.


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M: 0433 375 554


I am Based In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hours: Seven Days by appointment

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