Same-Sex Weddings

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Same-Sex Weddings

I value individuality and, as a well-known GLBTIQ radio host, I have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the challenges the community and its members face.

It is with this valuable and specialised understanding that I am able to individually create and deliver a GLBTIQ wedding ceremony “that dreams are made of” without any of the hassles a less empathetic business may not be able to replicate.

My respectful approach ensures couples are comfortable and ready to plan their wedding ceremony with the community in mind.

Couples won’t be placed in a situation where their privacy is invaded or feel in any way compromised.

Your wedding ceremony will reflect each couples’ individual style and personalities.

The big event can be as fun, stylish, flamboyant or traditional as desired. Wedding plans can be anything couples want them to be in a special and memorable location.

I love GLBTIQ weddings and can meet at a convenient time that suits to discuss event ideas.

Check out and click on my photos in the Gallery to see some of my previous happy couples and their special day.

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M: 0433 375 554


I am Based In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hours: Seven Days by appointment

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